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Host: Stacy Emeri


I'm your host Stacy Emeri, and on behalf of my co-host, Juanita "Sistah Bigbonez" Warren, I'd like to welcome you to MindShift Talk Radio – we are always happy to get a visit from long-time fans and new friends! Join us every Monday night at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST for current discussions and "MindShifting" topics that will not only entertain you, but most importantly empower, educate, and inspire you to achieve greater levels of success in every area of your life! Sign up for our FREE mailing list to receive tips, inspirational messages and tools from our guests to assist you in having a happy and healthy "MindShift"!

Guests and Topics

Our guests range from professional speakers, coaches and trainers, to small business owners, single mothers/fathers...and everything in between. We work hard to invite guests that will provide value, impart wisdom, and share their insight to equip, motivate, and encourage you to be successful in your life. Regardless of the topic or the guest, the conversations on our show will always encourage a healthy and necessary 'MindShift'. We encourage you to tune in and join us in the chat room on Monday nights at 10pm EST to find out for yourself. Click on the "Guest Info" tab to learn about our upcoming guests!

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This show serves as a forum for like-minded individuals seeking growth and development to share their thoughts, view difference perspectives, and engage in healthy, honest, non-judgmental and unbiased communication.While our approach is direct and straightforward, the show provides a healthy and sometimes humorous perspective on various topics and issues affecting one's personal, professional, financial and spiritual development. Topics range from business development and finances to relationships and intimacy. There is ALWAYS a topic that our listeners can relate to!


Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, encourage healthy paradigm shifts and entertain our listeners with healthy, meaningful and thought provoking conversations.We are excited to bring dynamic and powerful speakers/guests to our show weekly and hope to see you in the chat room– like this page on Facebook by using the button on the top of this page, follow us on BlogTalk Radio, or just drop us a line...we'd love to hear from you!


"I love MindShift Talk Radio. It's a remedy for people who hate Mondays. Rather than complaining about your day, you'll take your spirit, body and mind to new levels. Tune in to the show and you will HIGHLY anticipate MindShift Mondays! " --Billie Miller "The Motivational Minister", Author, "Life in Righteousness: The Word is Your Life", Wilmington, NC. (http://thewordisyourlife.com/

"As a longtime listener, MSTR has been my place to turn for conversations that are both intellectually stimulating and inspiring. As a co-host, it's no different...giving me my weekly dose of 'MindShifting' motivation that I can take over and over again as I listen to the replays" -- Juanita Warren, Atlanta, GA.

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