Stacy Emeri, commonly referred to by her peers as the “Personal Development Expert”, is a mother, speaker, Insurance Agent/Owner, and the creator of “MindShift Talk Radio”. 

As the host and creator of MindShift Talk Radio, Stacy is committed to empowering, motivating and encouraging her listeners to reach new heights of success in every area of their lives by engaging in healthy conversations and discussions about real issues currently affecting our society. Whether the conversation may be in the area of health & wellness, dating & relationships, or success principles & habits, Stacy encourages her listeners to maintain an open heart and open mind to the various perspectives shared on the show.

Stacy says,

"Scripture tells us that [No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit]. The fruit in your life (your current circumstances and experiences) are a clear reflection of the seeds that have been sown and cultivated in your mind”.

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